About The Speaker:

                                   Rana Ryan, LCSW, LMSW, CCTP, CAMF, MBA, MPA

Rana Ryan is a Certified Clinical Licensed Psychotherapist practicing independently in WNY and NYC.  Rana Ryan practice is located in the downtown area of buffalo and it is named Consult with Rana Ryan or CWRR. Rana Ryan is a Certified Anger Management Facilitator; she is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. She began working with families in 1992 in Queens NY, counseling parents, children, and their families, building their relationships and connecting them to one another through learned therapeutic methodologies. Rana Ryan specializes in building relationships through love, self-reflection, self-actualization, communication, trust and honesty. 


Rana Ryan embodies the tools she teaches in her own life to have a successful 26 year marriage, her relationships with clients, her family, her friends and the community. Rana Ryan is a Adjunct Faculty Member at the UB School of Social Work. Rana focuses on Child & Family Relationships, Couples Counseling, and Depressive Disorders.


Rana is also a Training Management Consultant for some of NYC's top non-for-profit organizations, training social workers and upper management staff for the past twenty-five years on topics ranging from Case Management to Executive Leadership.   

Rana Ryan mission is to help patients feel love in a holistic, natural, and committed way so they are able to solve problems in their lives and build healthy relationships.

Love Keeps Us Alive!